* Preaching what he Practices

All knowledge imparted and skills taught must lead to the creation and enhancement
of Employability Quotient. The ability to work effectively in order to feed oneself and one’s family and live a good life.

There is academics and there is vocational training.
There are students and and there are teachers. Both There is nobody who can locate the chinks in your armour of expertise and consequently help you plug the leaks the way a curious, well-meaning neo-learner can.  Armed with the latest tit bits acquired from the internet and individual viral networks the learners seek confirmation; it is the ability to make that knowledge practically applicable  in furthering the learners’ careers that transforms the teacher to a Guru.

As I continue to service various clients of Take One to suitable satisfaction,
I refurbish and recharge my mental faculties and recharge have been part of
the visiting faculty of several reputed educational and professional institutions in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Goa and other parts of India. Conducting lectures and workshops at graduate, post-graduate and professional levels.

Ramesh was one of the formulators of the original syllabus of the
BMM degree course introduced by the Bombay University in 2000.
Ramesh has developed a series of sessions and workshops
under the umbrella of “Learn & Earn” to familiarise students and
teachers at school and college levels with the entire spectrum of
careers available in audio visual communications and related field in
order to help teachers guide their wards in making informed choices,
teach the basics and seek out the right institutions for specialisation.
To gain knowledge and skills that can help them earn a living and
grow professionally over the years.

This also includes vocational training and updates for those compelled
to seek early employment for various reasons