* My Raison D’être

Catalysing the creation of quality digital content
that is world ready, adaptable, archivable,
usable across various formats and, above all, monetisable.

The Potential:
The world needs 1.8 trillion dollars of content.
India’s share is not even one paisa to the rupee.

The Need:
Media & Entertainment Sector needs
1.4 million trained people in 2012
4.0 million trained people in 2022

The Gap:
For every 3 jobs in available in Media & Entertainment Sector
There are only two applicants. And yet there is no match.

The Reason
The aspirants either don’t have the right or adequate skills
And/or the right mind set.

The Course of Action to make youth & others employable:
Ramesh Tekwani is on a mission.
to help catalyse the transformation
of a 100,000 young lives over the next 10 years starting 2012.

Helping develop and provide, in sync with media colleges
like Docs & Shorts Learn & Earn Academy and others across the country,
along with a select group of media professionals,
suitable curricula, teaching/learning methods and systems
to make the youth employable,
capable of supporting their families
as they add value to their lives.

Promoting vocational learning.
Working towards making vocational qualifications
socially acceptable at par with standard academic