* I am…I can

An Indian…a citizen of the heart and the world…

You could call me a Creative Consultant specialising in Corporate Communications.
A writer, director and producer of audio visuals with a purpose.

Big words to put in a CV; but simply put, I am a writer who recycles information and converts it to easily understood and consumable stories, anecdotes and analogies,
culling out, highlighting and presenting inherent values and qualities of people and things, situations, sometimes even intangibles. Acquainting and re-acquainting to create bonds, relationships and loyalties. To promote sustainable growth.
All neatly packaged for the medium, primarily audio visual, Film. Video. Digital.
Television. Internet. Live & Multi-media Presentations. Print. Sometime Radio.

I can, thanks to my first boss turned Guru, Arun Khopkar, who taught me many things, more importantly, how to tell a tale in different ways while “speaking” in a “language” that the audience can assimilate without effort; and the late Ninubhai Mazumdar, who at 82, taught me to see the world and things within it afresh on a daily basis as if through the discovering eyes of a curious child untainted with previous knowledge.

Everyday, then, becomes a learning process and what I learn, I pass on.
I believe, it is only by creating new competitors for myself will I be compelled
to acquire newer skills as I fine hone the earlier ones.


I am also
a Storyteller, Raconteur, Presenter, EmCee, Evangelist

and use these skills for
Training, Skill & Self Development, Presentation
Promoting India and Indian Content Creators and their Work