* Activity

Current Activity

Writing and producing audio visuals and literature across various
media for select clientele.

The great digital revolution has created more questions than solutions.

While it may be a production alternative it is certainly not a long term
cost effective panacea for the documentary, training and educational
film maker. Currently, I am preparing a paper presenting the long term
options and alternatives.

Co-ordinating with schools and colleges and authorities across India,
(Special Target: North East – the Seven Sister plus Sikkim).
In order to mobilise and motivate youth to acquire specific and
adequate skills and values to become employable and live a good life
with their families and within their communities. To help them shine.
Using their creations to bring the world to them and take them to the

I have been making the National Awards Curtain Raiser for the last
four awards and have witnessed the number of award winning films
from the North East. Subsequent contact with the film makers and
their friends and associates has established the need for suitable
training facilities and information centres to make available the
latest information, machines and workshops to update and acquire
the latest in terms of knowledge and skills to improve prospects of
monetisation of output.

Ramesh Tekwani has mobilised anawareness campaign to understand the needs of both the practising professionals, businesses and the youth that have the talent and passion that needs to be trained and channelised for suitable monetisation and business development beyond the North East and across the world as the need arises.


Activity over the Years

As a member of the FFI Sub-Committee for Service Tax.
An active proponent of rationalising the tax structure to reduce or
eliminate ad hoc and multiple taxation points to work towards
improved operations to facilitate compliance and improved

Invited by Peniche Cinema, Paris in May 2012 to plan & help organise
in 2013, as part of the Indian Film Centenary Celebrations a Festival of
Indian Films in Paris. In the midst of it right now.

On my way to Cannes Film Festival and the Short Film Corner to
advocate Docs & Shorts.

Moderating, conducting, even organising open forums (fora) and
discussions for promoting docs & shorts in India. For Films Division,
Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) and the (now discontinued)
Short Film Center at IFFI Goa.

Invitee Speaker at discussion sessions for screening and marketing
of docs & shorts * AIFF Ahmedabad 2009 * Asian Side of the Doc at
Hong Kong March 2010, 4th Documentary & Short Film Festival of
Kerala 2011

Invitee Speaker at discussion sessions for screening and marketing of
Participated as observer at Docedge at SRFTI Kolkata 2009 , 2010
and 2011 to meet mentors and commissioning agents to understand how
to present and make docs & shorts that can attract both finance and
exhibition avenues.

Deliberated as Juror at Student Festivals of several colleges to reach
out to talent at an early stage to help guide and promote it, if required

Actively participated in media seminars and conferences organised by
the likes of FICCI, CII and Assocham to understand what is happening
around the world and then create awareness of and promote docs
and shorts