My Credo

There was an old blind woman who lived in a village in the house by the sea.

Her only living relative and sole supporter was her daughter, a pearl diver;
but now, she was no more…

The entire village pitied her; but the woman was not too perturbed;
after all, she had the pearls, the special ones that her daughter did not sell
and kept aside in a silken pouch. The woman knew that if she were to sell them,
the price she would get would pay for her meals as long as she lived.

The merchant she went to was naturally curious and asked;
“How do you know what they are worth? You cannot see.”
The old woman replied, “I have fingers. I have counted them and know their size.”

The merchant opened the pouch, and held his breath in amazement.
“Why did your daughter keep these pearls?” he asked.
“I don’t know,” replied the old woman.
The merchant said, gently, “Your fingers have counted the pearls and know their size;
but your fingers have not seen their colour. These are the rarest black pearls,
and are worth a fortune. And I shall pay you exactly what they are worth.

The story got around, some laughed at the merchant. “Why did you tell her?”
they asked? “She was blind.”

The merchant smiled. “Yes, she was blind. That is why I told her.”

This is the way I live my life.




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Thank you for dropping in. How may I help you?
Do you want a Voice Over or an In Vision Presenter? A Writer – Copy Or Script?
I can speak for you in English, Hindi and Sindhi (I am a Sindhi, so I must say that).
I can switch seamlessly between the languages. Live. Or in a Studio.

My English – Hindi, Hindi-English bi-linguals are good, because I write in parallel from the top downwards without really translating in one direction or another. Keeping in synch with the visual.  have made myself an expert at presenting on your behalf. Provided you know what you want. You must.

I make Corporate Documentaries and Shorts. Sometimes TVCs, too. (So far, over 500).
Information. Infotainment. How to do it. I try and see to it that my audience gets
a  valuable take home for having spared the time to watch my film. Yes, and act on
the film’s message, too. I do not try to sell what I would not want my family
to consume. No fuss quite simply.

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